Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha: Future of search and analysis

This is something very interesting I came across recently. I have just seen the DEMO which is so mind blowing, actual site is located here Wolfram|Alpha. God!!! we are a growing species, I just have to say that it is just mind blowing....marvelous..yes we human ...mind is the speck over the hell to achieve unimaginable through the labyrinthine network of our neuronal circuit ..its evitable the more guttural pouch will emerge like this..which will be more useful in days to come...This is the future of the way we look at the internet today, the search we do over internet, The search results and their analysis, which otherwise takes us to 100s of pages with analysis for the required details over each page. Anyways, this Wolfram|Alpha looks so good and I am wondering that it came bit late. Very amazing piece of work, I am sure this is going to be very very useful to almost every internet user. I am also hopeful that as in comparison to the Google search results ,this gives more analyzed results. And no I am not comparing these two. Lots of mathematical calculation, lots of general work analysis. I am sure Wolfram|Alpha people are and will be having tough time maintaining such a brilliant technology.