Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working with multiple urls from text file to tabs and vice versa

 Copy or save multiple tabs to a text file

There are various methods; I use this one for Firefox: 

1.      Install send-tab-urls add-on to Firefox
2.       Open all the urls in different tabs.
3.       Go to Files --> Send tab urls --> select your options and send to clipboard
4.       Url open in all tabs will be copied to your clipboard, you can just paste them to a text file and save them or you can reuse them for opening in multiple tabs again.

Use: While looking for published articles on Pubmed or on Google, you need to save the relevant article list search wise as a text file, and then reuse them whenever required. At home I did not have accesses to various journals, so I used to save the links in text files and then at institute just open and save all the articles required.

Open multiple urls in different tabs from a text file

1.       Copy all urs in a txt file
2.       Open
3.       Paste it in the space provided
4.       Click submit and then click open all 

Use: Opening all the urls in one go, for faster work. It would be logical to open a new window in Firefox to do this so that you won’t clutter your ongoing work with the multiple urls

Meanwhile I also found a very useful tool for common comparisons or lists and making Venn diagrams
Please cite: Oliveros, J.C. (2007) VENNY. An interactive tool for comparing lists with Venn Diagrams.
Happy surfing.

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